Backed by scientific research into the positive benefits of combining Fitness & Mindfulness, Peaceful Training is the most innovative and integrative approach to health and fitness training that there is!

Our holistic training model is designed to meet each individual where they are currently at, with a long term, sustainable and non judgmental focus towards total well-being.



Fitness. Nutrition. Meditation.


Our MISSION is to help each individual we work with learn to live happier, healthier, more peace-filled lives.

In order to achieve our mission, we believe three separate, yet completely interrelated areas of wellness must be integrated into our everyday lives


Physical Being

How we move our bodies.

Balance, strength, flexibility and endurance

Personal Training | Peaceful Training Run Club

Nutritional Being

What we put into our bodies.

Nutrition and hydration

Meal Prep & Catering Services

Mental Being

What we think & believe.

Mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, positive self-talk and visualization

Meditation & Mindfulness Classes