A Transformative Impact

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As a child, Kalpanatit Broderick (Coach Kal), owner of PEACEFUL TRAINING, had an overwhelming interest and capacity in the realm of athletics.

Adding to this interest, at the age of four, he began learning the art of Mindful and Transcendental Meditation from three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and world renowned meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy.

As Kal grew in his athletic capacity, he was inspired to incorporate the one pointed, present minded meditative discipline he had practiced throughout his life and apply it to his athletic endeavors. This application took his experience with sport to a new level, rarely experienced by elite athletes today.

"While running competitively, I realized that along with setting my sights on outer success, running must also become an inner quest, a quest for peace within. This quest took me to a place where I was able to transcend my attachment to outer results and instead I began to focus on what was real, the joy of the run and the peace that followed."

Throughout his collegiate (Georgetown University) and professional (Nike) running career, meditation, as well as eating a healthy diet, were the core tenets of his athletic success. Currently, as a business owner, coach, husband and father of three young boys, living the Peaceful Training Philosophy of fitness, nutrition and meditation has never been more important to his personal well-being as well as those around him..

Coach Kal retired from competitive running in 2010 and founded PEACEFUL TRAINING. Since beginning coaching individuals and groups, he has had the pleasure of watching people improve in multiple areas of their lives, which is the sole reason he continues to do the work that he does. Even more than when he was a professional athlete, now as a business owner, coach, husband and father of three young boys living the Peaceful Training Philosophy has never been so important to his well-being.

Coach Kal's Athletic Accomplishments

High School

  • All American honors at O'Dea high school (1999)

  • 1600 meter PB 4:16.22 

  • 3,200 meter PB 9:15.16

  • 5,000m/Cross Country PB 15:32.11

  • Placed 2nd in WA State cross country championships (1999)


  • Captain of cross country and track teams at Georgetown University Junior and Senior years (2001-2003)

  • 10,000 meters PB (cross country) 30:24.32 (2003)

  • 5th at Big East Cross Country Conference Championship (2002)

  • 45th at NCAA DI Cross Country Championships (2003)

Professional (Nike Sponsored 2004-2008)

  • Placed top 25 in USA in 1500 meters (July 2005) 3:42.80

  • 2nd at Mt. Sac Invitational in 5000 meters (2005) 14:06

  • Top 10 in USA Indoor 3000 meters (February 2007) 8:00.27

  • 8th in USA Indoor National Championships 3000 meters (2007) 8:03.32

  • Ranked Top 10 in USA in indoor mile (December 2008) 4:01.11

  • 4th at USA Xterra Half Marathon Trail Championships (2010)

  • Half Marathon PB 1:10.03 (2010)

  • First and only Marathon PB 2:46.05 (2010)